Draws and Paints

Wedding with a Caribou

“Wedding Couple with Caribou”

This was a silly thing, but the more I toyed with it, the closer my connection felt with this couple.

Out of curiosity, I searched symbolic meanings of the reindeer and caribou and found that they “teach strength, endurance, fortitude, and perseverance in going the distance.” Caribou also teach us how to “take on roles of duality” — combining the male/female, the yin/yang. Finally, the caribou is about “movement and finding your inner peace and your place as you walk through life.”  So, in a funny, quirky way, the caribou was no coincidence…and the perfect animal to bring to a wedding.  The caribou here is the couple’s “spirit animal,” if you will…and, with the caribou, they will persevere, understand and wrestle with their duality, and find peace together on their walk of life.

So, thank you Mr. Caribou, for the serendipitous lesson.  I love surprises!


In November 2015, I felt inspired to sketch and paint. These are some of my  sketches and paintings.

In June of 2016, I opened my first Etsy account.  Please visit!! Nan Lehnert: Abstract Flora, Fauna and Faces



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