two takes on charlie

While Jazz Appreciation Month is over, I have found myself continuing to marry my passion of jazz with my new found love of sketching and painting!

Here are my two Charlies.  Charlie Haden was a HUGE hero of mine.  The way he played and the way he lived seemed to be congruent, and I had the utmost respect for him as a human and an artist. I wanted to paint him, but kept pushing him to the back burner. When I finally got to doing the blind sketch, I was beyond frustrated with the nose.  He had this perfect, cute little nose and I was completely exaggerating it, mangling it. After finishing the sketch and then painting, I waited a few days and tried again.  I felt better about his nose the second time around…but it still was not perfect. His music (like his nose) is perfect, however. If you’ve never heard him play, I recommend two albums: “Beyond the Missouri Sky” (with Pat Metheny) and “When the Heart Dances” with Laurence Hobgood. Pure genius.


Charlie  Haden
Charlie Haden
Charlie Haden
Haden again

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