when you left me hanging…

when you left me hanging
“when you left me hanging” by nan lehnert
i was looking at photos
of skin suspension
and this paint and poem
climbed into my brain.
nothing more than that… 😉

when you left me hanging,

patiently, i dangled…

waiting for the tears to dry,

and for you to return.


opening my eyes,

at 12,000 feet,

i looked down, toward the earth —

i saw speckled buildings,

moving mechanicals,

dizzying animals,

and blossoming daisies —

all catching focus of my wide eyes, swirling —

and hope was renewed.

my fears whipped past me,

like a vaporous milky mist,

and i longed to be a part of this magical world —


then i realized my vertebrae was fused 

and i was one with the hook on which i dangled.

i must learn to make peace —

for here will i hang, eternally

suspended by your cold, iron talon…


ahhh! but what a view!

~nan lehnert, 2016

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