oh, how you’ve become a part of me


Selfie Abused
“self abused” by nan lehnert
(always wanted to write a litany poem…
this was my quirky attempt)

oh, how you’ve become 

a part of me —


you’ve become

the dirt beneath my fingernails

the waxy build-up in my ear canal

the hard plaque lined between my teeth


you’ve become

the dry scaly cracked skin on my heels

the yellow salt-encrusted rock in the corner of my eye

the whitened bubbles of dried spit in the corner of my lip


you’ve become

the tags of skin dotting the creases in my flesh

the gray and silver which streak my hairline

the black coarse hairs twirling along my chin and upper lip


yet, you were and always will be

that passionate dance within 

that screamed from the rooftops,

“in you, i truly lived!”


yet now, everything about you

has died upon my body

in barnacles, rust, and calcification

and screams for a loofah

or pumice stone

~nan lehnert, 2016

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