“winter’s jasmine”

Winter's Jasmine
“winter’s jasmine” by Nan Lehnert

The jasmine-scented air

has come late this year.

Her delicate perfume,

which often finds me in February,

held its sweet breath;

and now, she gently exhales,

reminding me of winters past —

of a love long passed,

under cold, black-blanketed skies.

That sweet winter’s fragrance

swirling ’round my head,

dizzying me with her perfume,

whispers of those thousand passionate kisses,

which spoke of poetry, of Shakespeare, of song —

of the dozen buildings, cars, and people passing,

blind to our embraces —

yet the stars and moon full knowing,

gazing and smiling —

like your crystal blue eyes,

seeking more than intimacy —

seeking my very soul,

which you alone possessed,

for a brief time that winter,

while we were intoxicated by the stars

and the sweet night blooming jasmine.

~nan lehnert, 2016

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