“He Stared Too Long at the Rainbow”

“Where does the rainbow end, in your soul or on the horizon?”

Pablo Neruda, The Book of Questions

He Stared Too Long At The Rainbow
“He Stared Too Long At The Rainbow” by Nan Lehnert


Seven days since I hopped off the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram hamster wheel…and it’s astonishing how much more beautiful a sunrise is when there is no need to IG it. The “like” within is much more meaningful…more authentic. It becomes personal.  Instead of hopping back on the social media hamster wheel and sharing everything that happens, I’m choosing to rest… alone…in the moment.

Moments in the present feel far more profound when spent in solitude…especially moments in nature. While I feel tugs of anxiety and unrest, I realize that I simply need to slow down and linger in the now, rather than document, upload, and share.

To be present in nature, to absorb the vibrancy of its color, its odor, its sound tingling in the ear, is to become one with life. Stop, allow its beauty to saturate your soul, and then it will radiate through the eyes, the face…and even the hair.

…and that experience is worth more than 1000 likes.

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